‘Arrow’ EP Marc Guggenheim talks Team Arrow, flashbacks and Olicity

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We’re just about one month into this torturous summer hiatus of Arrow, but that doesn’t mean the teases for next season have stopped.

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim spoke to Paste Magazine about Arrow, including Team Arrow, the flashbacks, how much fan reactions impact the writers decisions and the organic relationship between Oliver and Felicity (Team Olicity!)

Paste: Is it challenging to balance the Island material with the main plotline without making the Island stuff seem like it’s filler?
Guggenheim: Always. The flashbacks are one of the hardest things to write on the show. They’re a challenge in a lot of respects. For one, we try to thematically relate them with what’s going on in present-day. At the same time, we have a story we’re trying to tell in the past. If the flashback story services only to relate to the theme of the present-day story, it really does seem…

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